GuestBook! v1.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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GuestBook! is an AS2-based, 3D , XML driven Flash guestbook.

Dazzle your visitors with the astonishing effects of 3D world.

GuestBook! v1.0 gives you just that in addition to the high performance and great power of control.


-Enhanced word filter so new-lined words get caught too.

-Enabled html quotes.


# Flash CS3 to open the FLA file.

# Flash player 8 (8+) to view the SWF file.

# Php 5(5+) installed on your server.

What you can change(parameters):

- CameraX

- CameraY

- CameraZ

- OffsetX(Camera pan X)

- OffsetY(Camera pan Y)

- CardsSeparation

- VisibilityRange

- FocalLength

- BannedWords (A list of banned words)

- Name_DefaultText

- Comment_DefaultText

- ThankYou_Msg

- ErrorLoadingComments_Msg

- LoadingComments_Msg

- BannedWordFound_Msg

- SubmitError_Msg

- BlockedIP_Msg

- NoComments_Msg

and still many more...

Features overview:


Prevent users from posting words that you don't want to see written in your guestbook.

In the preview only four words are blocked, as* , f* , sh and bi*.

IP Blocking

Instantly block certain IP addresses from viewing content of your guestbook.

#Administrative tools

The GuestBook! administrative tools give you ability to:

- Delete a certain entry.

- View details of a certain entry.

- Block a certain IP address.

- Unblock a certain IP address.

- View a list of blocked IP addresses.


Colors of GuestBook! can be easily changed and all messages (such as "Error loading comments" , "Blocked IP" , "Loading Comments..." ... etc.) can be easily changed using the parameters inside the FLA file.

High performance

GuestBook! has been tested for up to 450 comments(then I got tired of commenting ) and it's performance didn't drop 0.1%.


Browse through comments using your mouse wheel or using the keyboard arrows(Up/Down)

System Requirements:

Flash Player 7 and above

GuestBook! v1.0  Free Download screenshot